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Powering subscription commerce
for Africa

For businesses that understand that there is more to collecting revenue than accepting payments

You’re in good company

Revio makes it
easy to get paid

Grow your revenue and scale your
subscriber base with an intelligent and
differentiated payment experience

More revenue, more often

Increase payments success, support new products or business models, and accept recurring payments globally.

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All in one platform for smart businesses

Unleash your growth potential by leveraging market leading capabilities

Adaptive billing

Capture more revenue, support new products
or business models, and accept recurring payments globally

Intuitive invoicing

Create a seamless invoicing experience that suits your customers and drives your revenue

Intelligent payments

Grow your revenue and scale your subscriber base with an intelligent and differentiated payment experience

Customer connect

Increase customer retention and revenue collection by up to 30% through AI driven interactions

Revio API

The easiest way to connect billing, bank, 
card and client transactional and data services
to your business

Growth Capital

Revio’s growth capital gives businesses the breathing room to focus on what’s important, 
not just on what’s urgent.

Collect and
reconcile seamlessly

Fully automate one-off and recurring customer subscription payments

All the payment methods customers expect

  • Auto churn detection and management
  • Customer reward triggers
  • Accounting package plug-ins
“Revio has made it possible for us to offer a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use payment solution to our customers. Our experience with Revio has been seamless, from the effortless onboarding process to getting Revio linked up to our system. We're excited to grow our business with Revio by our side!”
F Plotz
" Revio has completely surpassed our expectations. "
V Harris
"I can't say enough about Revio. After using Revio my growth skyrocketed! Wow what great service, I love it!"
J Minnaar

Stats that speak for themselves


New merchants
signed-up every month

5 minutes

to get started

20+ years


For who

Revio scales with your business

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For SME's

Automate your billing and payments processes, reduce conversion risk, and accept international payments

For Saas businesses

Reduce customer churn and increase conversions by up to 30%.

For Enterprise

Gain greater insights into your customers, their payment behaviour and optomise your collection strategy

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Common questions about Revio

How do I get started?

Simply sign up for Revio here, create your company profile and submit it for verification. Our Revio customer success team will vet your application and enable your business to start accepting payments on approval. Sign up for free here

What payment methods do you support?

Revio supports Card, Debit order, Instant EFT, QR and voucher payments. More detail on payment methods can be found here. 
All customer payments are automatically reconciled to update your favourite ERP or accounting software

Can I get a free trial?

You can sign-up to review for free, test drive our capabilities or integrate and test via our API’s. Once you are ready, verify your account to start accepting payments

Read more FAQ’s here

Who is Revio for?

Whether you are a SME starting a new online shop, a SAAS provider needing to automate recurring billing payments and recons, or a Corporate business needing to reduce customers in arrears, Revio has you covered. Speak to one of our experts here to unpack your specific requirements

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