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Customer connect

Increase customer
retention & revenue
collection by up to 30%

Proactively engage your customers using automatic messaging and transactional workflows, and reap the benefits, from improved customer relationships to a decrease in bounced or returned payments.

API or upload integration options

Revio uses more than 12 customer data points to segment customers and determine customer behavioural patterns. Use these insights to craft your messaging, drive persistency, reduce churn, maximise monthly recurring revenue, and embed customer loyalty.

Retain more customers by personalising their brand and payments experience

Meet your customers where they are in their customer lifecycle. Machine learning and payment analytics give insight into the best messaging approach for each customer.

The API’s flexibility allows for dynamic and targeted workflows, easy attribute updates, and safe experimentation.

Automate and visualise your customers’ journey

Easily visualise what your customer is experiencing and engage them with relevant communications at key stages.

Build customer loyalty

Reward your customers for making a payment. Set up targeted reward offerings for your customers such as vouchers, mobile data, and airtime.

Revio can easily integrate with your business’s current billing platform.

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