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Growth capital

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growth capital

Spend less time managing your cash flow and more time building your business. Revio’s growth capital gives businesses the breathing room to focus on what’s important, not just on what’s urgent.

Funding to help you scale. Integrations to support your growth.

Partner with Revio to streamline and scale your business.
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With funding from Revio, you will spend less time managing cashflow and more time on your business. Our friendlier take on capital is flexible, scalable and more beneficial for founders. With Revio, you will be able to optimise your cashflow, fuel your growth and seize new opportunities.

A friendlier take
on capital

It’s the fastest way to grow your business. Access fast, flexible funding to grow your business form R20 000 - R1,000,000

Access the capital you need within 24 hours
Apply today and get access to between
R20 000 - R1,000,000
Outgrow your competititors