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October 11, 2021

Get your eCommerce Store Black Friday Ready

Black Friday is looming around the corner and you need to start getting ready. Here are some tips to apply in your lead up to the big day.

Give yourself a head start

Black Friday isn’t something you can start planning the Monday before. You need to give yourself a decent head start to get everything in order. We’ll get into the marketing in a bit, but before you even think about that you need to make sure your site is up to standard. You’ll be expecting lots of traffic on the day, so run tests in advance to make sure your site doesn’t crash under pressure. You should also make sure your site is easy to navigate and that it doesn’t lose any of its functionality when used on a mobile device.

Offer something exclusive for your loyal customers

In the lead up to Black Friday, you should consider giving your email list subscribers special codes to access your sales early. There are two sides to this tip. The first is that you get to nurture your relationship with existing customers and keep them loyal to you. The second is that “Sign up to our email list for exclusive early access to our Black Friday deals” is a great lead magnet! If you do this, not only will your email list be happier with you, it will grow.

It’s time to market your socks off!

Now that your email list has been bulked up a little, you need to put together a strong marketing strategy. This is the time to pull out all of the stops. All of your social media platforms should be buzzing with hype around Black Friday. Your audience wants to know all sorts of things from what will be on sale to how big the discounts will be. Tease them a little. Try something like a funny Instagram reel of your team getting hordes of stock ready, or a Facebook post asking everyone what items they’re hoping will be included in the sale. Run an email marketing campaign where a new detail about your sale is revealed each day. Obviously, a countdown is necessary on every platform.

Keep it simple

Let’s face it, in the Black Friday chaos your customers won’t be at their calmest. They’ll be in a huge rush to get their items to the checkout and move on to the next site. If your store frustrates them in any way, they might just skip your checkout altogether. Too many products and call to action buttons can confuse and overwhelm your customers. Keep it simple by minimizing distractions. Too many fields in your checkout process can test their patience. This is not the time for advertisements and pop-ups that might take their eyes off the prize. The goal is to make your site as simple and smooth sailing as possible.

Security and support

If the marketing is done right, Black Friday is likely going to bring some serious traffic your way. You need to be prepared with the appropriate security measures in place and your support team ready for anything. The best way to ensure a secure site is by working with a payment provider you can trust. Your support team should be ready and waiting to assist customers and, on a more serious note, you should have your own tech support team available in case you run into problems with the site. You won’t make any sales if your site is frozen (or completely crashed).

Make an offer they can’t resist

So your Black Friday sale is good? So is everyones. You need to make an offer that sets you apart from your competitors. Your mailing list is going to be loyal to you because you’ve shown your loyalty with their exclusive offers. Now it’s time to turn your focus to everyone else. A great way to set yourself apart on Black Friday is to offer free shipping. Free shipping not only makes customers feel like they’re getting something extra, but it also ensures them that there will be no additional costs added at checkout. Knowing what to expect will make them more likely to go through with their purchase.


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