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Revio and uses intelligent tech to improve people's lives

AI is changing how we communicate, shop and do business. Intelligent technology has already made an impact on our daily lives in ways that were never thought possible just a few decades ago. ​​In 2011, Gartner estimated that 85% of customer interactions with an enterprise wouldn’t involve a human by 2020 and in 2016, Accenture estimated that AI could double annual economic growth by 2035.

When it comes to customer engagement, brands can no longer focus on the transactional aspects of their relationship. It is an ongoing process that extends beyond sales and support into anticipation for needs as well as gaining loyalty through recognition by your customers-in other words: building a strong connection between them which results in increased business outcomes.

“We are excited about our new partnership with because they share similar goals and visions for how intelligent technology can be used to improve people's lives and revolutionise the user experience, which is why this partnership was so natural," says Pieter Grobbelaar, Chief Commercial Officer of Revio.

“The partnership with Revio confirms’s commitment to further extend our partner ecosystem. Our strategy is to build and deliver cutting edge solutions and embed payments into multiple engagement entry points (social media and messaging channels like WhatsApp) allowing the consumer to easily buy products, pay bills and use a varied range of payment methods to suit their needs. provides another great example of innovation greatly assisting consumers to enjoy a frictionless experience.” says Jayce Zidel, GM South Africa & East Africa at is a global technology company specialising in conducting a conversational AI ecosystem to produce impactful onboarding and servicing customer experiences.  Through a conversational commerce platform with payment processing capabilities, is enabling businesses to engage their customers on more intimate levels while streamlining the onboarding process and reducing customer service times significantly. This results in better conversion rates and increased revenue.  Payment processing capabilities include in-store, mobile payments processing apps EFT and bank card transactions over USSD or Whatsapp. 

The team's experience with performance-focussed approaches to AI solutions as partners rather than suppliers made them an ideal partner for Revio.  Together, we help clients manage and optimise their AI technologies over time ensuring a seamless and engaged customer experience. Our clients in turn benefit from cutting edge technology without needing internal resources or further investment to keep up with the ever changing trends.  

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Ozow and Revio partner to make payments even easier

For businesses entering the subscription commerce market, creating a frictionless end-to-end experience is critical. More importantly, people want the freedom to pay using any method of their choice and expect businesses to accept a wide range of payment methods. This is where the partnership between Ozow and Revio comes in.

Pay@ and Revio partner up to digitise cash payments

Pay@ and Revio have partnered to further bridge the gap for financial services providers, like Funeral parlours and Insurers that deal with high cash volumes, the ability to digitise one-off or recurring cash payments seamlessly.

5 Minutes With Revio CCO, Pieter Grobbelaar

We recently chatted to our Chief Commercial Officer, Pieter Grobbelaar, who has shared his thoughts on the subscription billing landscape in Africa and how businesses can reap the benefits of automation.

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